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Twin Twist Mixer (Digital Panel)

CHANMAG CM-MT160SD Twin Twist Mixer (Digital Panel) has a removable bowl design that is great for mass dough production. Compared to other similar capacity spiral mixers, the CM-MT160SD can save on mixing time. The hydraulic system controls the lifting and lowering of the mixer head and separation with the bowl as well as provides a tighter fit that ensures the stability of the mixed dough. The tight fitting one-piece protective cover provides safety and hygiene. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel to meet the food safety level requirements is worth your expectation.


Technical Features
1.Can be used to mix dough for breads or cookies. Increase the possibility of new product development and production increase.
2.The machine has a hydraulically controlled machine head that lifts and lowers and the bowl has a large mixing range. Comes with a safety protection device. This mixer is durable and stable, which reduces the likelihood of accidents and dangers.
3.The automatic/manual mode makes switching operations easy. The touch-control panel is easy to operate and is precise.
4.The bowl can be switched to forward or reverse operations for more convenient operations. Comes with a bowl scrapper that closely fits the bowl when mixing. This allows the flour and ingredients on the bowl’s wall to be concentrated and mixed.
5.Digital panel can set maintenance time, 10 sets of mixing process settings, monitoring content of feedback abnormal information and overload, humanized operation, easy to clean and maintain management.

CM-MT160SD Mixer Clockwise Counterclock

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Product Description

Dough Capacity: 160 KG
Flour Capacity: 100 KG
Bowl Diameter: 850 mm
Hook Motor: 15 KW
Bowl Motor: 1.1 KW
Hydraulic Motor: 0.75 KW
Power: 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight: 1470 KG
Size: 1250 × 1850(2050) × 1500(2000) mm (W×D×H)


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