CHANMAG Bakery Machine Co., Ltd. cordially invites you to join us at THAIFEX 2022 in Thailand during 24-28 May, CHALLENGER Hall 1 and booth no. WW01.


Our will showcase the professional bakery machine for the Spiral Mixer, Volumetric Dough Divider, Dough Rounder, Dough Rounder, Cake Depositor and  Baumkuchan Oven, is set to welcome all local and international participants.
Unable to visit the site due to the epidemic situation can use the also by using the cloud virtual factory showroom. Through 360 AR and 720 VR virtual interactive experience, CHANAMAG hopes to help customers understand bakery products more easily and recognize the high-quality manufacturing value of CHANMAG’s brand.


Welcome to CHANMAG Bakery Factory Virtual Showroom Virtual Showroom

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the “CHANMAG” brand. In the early days, CHANMAG started with the manufacture and production of OEM machinery. In 1996, it established its own brand specializing in the research, development and production of baking food machinery, and its distributors are all over the world’s five continents. At present, the well-known bakery and Ijysheng, Sun-Merry, Mita-Bakery, Hagan-Bakery, The-Bread, etc. are all our long-term customers, and have successfully entered China.

More info link website or social media platform to send messenger or mail, The client can call contact our branch offices or local distributors whose information we could indicate to you. Such as you come from Thailand, Indonesia, we have branch office there that customer could contact or visit directly.
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Taiwan: 02-2680 5715 |Email:

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