Spray Proofer CM-16P, CM-32P, CM-48P

/Spray Proofer CM-16P, CM-32P, CM-48P
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Spray Proofer CM-16P, CM-32P, CM-48P

CHANMAG CM-16P, 32P, 48P Spray Proofer is for using in final fermentation, provide the humidity to assure the stable temperature and humidity to let the surface of products is with good looking and good fermentation quality.
Technical Features:
1.Inside & housing are made by with stainless steel sheet.
2.Professional humidity by spray function. Perfect performance, water saving.
3.Heating & humidifying is controlled by separate systems.
4.Horizontal bar type suitable for various baking trays.
5.Optional: tray inserting type available.


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Product Description

   Model       Capacity          Power       N. W.        Size (W×D×H)
CM-16P    16 Tray/1 door    0.8 KW     100 KG      59 × 90 × 192 cm
CM-32P    32 Tray/2 door    1.6 KW     150 KG    117 × 90 × 192 cm
CM-48P    48 Tray/3 door    2.4 KW     150 KG    166 × 90 × 192 cm

Electric: 1PH, 50/60HZ
Temperature: 0~40℃
Tray size: 46×72 cm
Rack size: 52×73×178 cm (W×D×H)


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